Only one door stood ajar that she could see, and when she looked, Talons tail disappeared through it. As Les stepped away from the front door, and took her first steps into the hall, it shut behind her. She whirled around to look at it, on her guard. No one was there, so she turned back to follow Talon. That door was closed now as well. Les creeped towards it, not sure if she was supposed to follow, but not wanting to wait around. She very carefully turned the handle and pushed the door in. It was mostly dark inside and when she peaked her head through, she could see that the only light of this room was a fireplace lit up in front of some high backed chairs. Someone sat in the chair whose back was closest to her, that she could not see, Talon was sitting atop the other. The two were speaking in low tones and Les was struggeling to hear them. Then the smell that had drawn her inside caught her nose again in a fuller puff and her stomach again rumbled. Talon looked over at her and the two stopped speaking. At that same moment, someone cleared their throat behind her. Les nearly jumped and she retracted herself from the room, back into the hall.  

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