"There had always been kings. But they didn't always rule. There was a time when the magical persons of the realm held and fought for power over the people. Some of them were good, and didn't abuse their power, but many, over time, became quite evil and the people suffered. There were laws that forbade the sort of cruelty that the wizards and sages dealt out, but there was none to uphold it. Until the great King Mawr came along. He broke the curse that was put upon his family that held them passive for generations. He stirred up an army to march with him against the many evil doers in his kingdom, of both Magical and non-magical persons. With their help he was able to wipe out the evil and fear that plagued the land for so long. He was able to put down laws that brought peace to his people. It was from this army that was created, also, a secret society. Started, with his most trusted allies, he issued to them to uphold the laws that were set into motion that day. Over time, war came from other fronts, but our land had remained united against them, the society helping to hold it together from their place unseen. Even when King Mawrs line died out several generations ago, the society is still there pulling the strings, and keeping to peace."

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