The next morning, life went on as normal. So after her morning chores, Les went out to the woods as she usually would. She made her way out towards the old cottage, lost in thought. As she drew closer, her thoughts were interrupted by shouts that did not sound at all friendly. Les slowed her pace and crouched down, so as to not be seen. Hidden behind a bush, she observed a foray just in front of her destination. A tall figure dressed in purple and black robes was shouting at the house in words which she didn't quite understand. Not sure if the shouter was speaking her own language or not, Les pressed in closer to try and listen more clearly.
Softly, Les tried to step closer without being seen, and creep behind another hiding place in better hearing range. Her heart raced and she told herself she should probably go and leave this ordeal behind her. As fast as she could, she darted behind a large tree and listened more intently.

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